Bob Lawrence & Associates

Status: Small Business

Bob Lawrence & Associates, Inc. (BL&A) is a Washington-based government relations firm established in 1986. It features corporate clients and federal government contracts as well as significant relationships with several international entities.

Since its inception, the firm and its employees have successfully represented its clients before Members of Congress, their staffs, congressional committees, a variety of federal agencies, other governmental organizations, key interest groups, and the media on a wide range of issues. These include agriculture, appropriations, defense, energy, environment, infrastructure, labor, manufacturing, trade, telecommunications, and transportation.

BL&A has also acquired a number of federal government contracts dealing with advanced materials, aerospace, defense, and energy.

International issues include business development, election reform, freedom of the press, human rights, marketing, non-governmental organization expansion, and project development. An additional primary focus has been on promoting domestic awareness of and interest in the firmís international clients and their countries.

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