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Deanna G. Freeman is a Consultant with Bob Lawrence & Associates, which she joined in 1995 as the firm’s Business Manager. Mrs. Freeman currently supervises the Operations Department and specializes in corporate financial control and affairs. She monitors and analyzes the progress and status of all contracts, while coordinating all information transfer and interaction with both government and private entities.

Mrs. Freeman also specializes in client outreach and support and serves as a key internet research analyst for various client needs. Her management tasks include project financial formulation contract negotiation, contract information retrieval, corporate financial forecasting and accounting, contractual data requirements, and human resources.

Prior to joining the firm, Mrs. Freeman had five years’ experience in a corporate accounting department for Federal Property Management, Inc. She also served as Executive Assistant to the Corporate Vice President of the company prior to her accounting position.

Mrs. Freeman earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

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