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Renaissance Associates, Azerbaijan

Since 2005, Bob Lawrence & Associates has been collaborating with Renaissance Associates, a consortium of businessmen, educators, and investors in the Republic of Azerbaijan, to help promote that countryís image in the United States by publicizing its continuing commitment to democratic principles and a more civil society since its independence in 1991. Renaissance Associates also supports and nurtures a group of progressive non-governmental organizations known as the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan (ACSDA). The firm works with ACSDA on a daily basis, helping to strengthen its progressive activities. BL&A does not work for, report to, or take directions from the Azerbaijani government or any member of the Azerbaijani government.

Along with developing a strategic plan, the firm has prepared detailed briefings for and discussed Azerbaijanís substantial progress with Members of Congress, their staffs, congressional committees, officials at the U.S. Department of State, the United States Agency for International Development, and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, as well as with a variety of domestic and international entities, including the National Democratic Institute, the (IRI), Freedom House, the Heritage Foundation, and various media. In addition, BL&A has worked closely with the U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce, and has met with the Ambassador and other top officials at the Azeri Embassy.

BL&A principals have authored a number of items published in American newspapers and magazines.

In October 2008 and 2013, the firm created and coordinated an official team of 40 people, the American Observers Group, that traveled to Azerbaijan to serve as official observers of the Azeri presidential election. The AOG, which included several BL&A employees as well as former Members of Congress, prominent political analysts, and attorneys, participated in detailed briefings prior to the election, then carried out a detailed observation and analysis of the election process.

BL&A provides a full range of strategic advisory services to support the needs of U.S. businessmen and investors who seek to enter the evolving and dynamic Azerbaijan market. In serving this international interflow, BL&A helps expand awareness of Azerbaijan and business opportunities in that country; provides market entry strategies and detailed industry assessments; facilitates a business climate between U.S. businessmen and investors and Azerbaijani businessmen and investors; offers insight into and analysis of the political, policy, and regulatory environment as it affects business in Azerbaijan; and identifies and facilitates partnering opportunities.

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