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Area of Expertise
Dr. Lloyd R Lawrence, Jr.

Principal and Program Manager
Program Management Support, Technology
Assessment Analysis, Integrated Project Team
Anthony Taylor

Senior Associate
Policy Analysis, Military Weapons (CAD/PAD)
expertise, Air Weapons expertise, Program
Support, Energetics expertise, Technology
Jodi Hamrick

Project Manager
Research Management, Strategic Planning,
Technology Analysis, Policy Analysis,
Management Requirements Analysis, Web
Development, Database Management

Facilitating Development and Implementation of Strategic and Management Plans

Description of Experience: Bob Lawrence & Associates, Inc. (BL&A) has worked extensively with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to facilitate the development and implementation of strategic and management plans to ensure compliance with Federal rules regarding the proper handling of unnecessary munitions.

EPA’s Military Munitions Rule imposed a series of new requirements on the military services for disposing of excess, overage, or unserviceable munitions. The Rule resulted in the creation of a new position -- the Designated Disposition Authority -- for each service and for several commodity classes to ensure proper compliance with the Rule. These changes required reengineering of all of the processes associated with demilitarization and disposal of Navy Cartridge Actuated and Propellant Actuated Devices (CAD/PAD).

BL&A associates led a team charged with adapting existing processes to comply with the requirements of the Rule. The methodology encompassed characterization, in detail, of the existing processes, development of criteria/desired attributes of the new process, design of the new process, preparation of implementing instructions, field testing, and operational implementation.

Command Level Consulting: Naval Ordnance Facility, Indian Head Naval Base

Description of Experience: The Indian Head Naval Base is the Navy’s premier facility for the development, test, evaluation and pilot production of an array of ordnance items used in all four military services: Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines.

Bob Lawrence & Associates, Inc. (BL&A) has carried out strategic planning and technology acquisition consulting for the executives of this facility since 1987. In the most recent contract, to form and operate a Technology Advisory Group (TAG), BL&A was asked to identify key, retired, flag rank naval officers and civilians, form a TAG group from the selected individuals identified, and provide an assessment of needed Indian Head responses to the conclusions evolving from the ongoing review of Defense strategies, needs, and priorities that has been ordered by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld.

As a part of this review, assessments of internal operations, acquisitions, military base functions, and technology deployment are being considered. Individual bases are required to undertake their own respective reviews and develop their own sets of recommendations and assessments of appropriate management strategies. The TAG group was formed by BL&A to assist the top executives of Indian Head in this process.

At the outset, the BL&A project management selected the required retired admirals and retired Senior Executive Service individuals for the group, based on the individuals’ career experience and applicable knowledge. BL&A then developed an agenda for the initial meeting wherein key topics for analysis and assignments were determined. BL&A developed and implemented a milestone schedule for the analyses; tracked progress; provided support where needed; collected, edited, and assembled the analytical results; and created an interim report which was then delivered to the executive corps at Indian Head. The effort is receiving considerable praise for its timeliness and appropriateness and the quality of its results.

Coordination and Establishment of Customer Outreach and Technology Assessment Initiative for Indian Head

Description of Experience: The Indian Head Division, Naval Sea Systems Command is an industrially funded activity. Much like a commercial entity, it depends on sales of products and services to maintain its capabilities, both personnel and facilities. Accordingly, marketing is an essential activity. Bob Lawrence and Associates, Inc. (BL&A), through intensive interactions with officials within the Program Management Office and others within the Indian Head establishment, developed a Concept of Operations (CoO) to focus and coordinate these marketing efforts in three of the Division’s product areas: Naval Gun Ammunition; Rockets, Missiles, and Jet-Assisted Takeoffs (JATOs); and Mine Warfare/Countermeasures.

The CoO establishes a Customer Outreach entity and defines processes to coordinate the efforts of various departments and organizations at Indian Head in marketing products and services within each of the product areas.

key component of the Concept is a computerized system to identify, coordinate, and track marketing initiatives being undertaken by Indian Head personnel across organizational departments. BL&A developed and implemented a process for assessing promising future technologies along with the capabilities needed to make the Division a viable competitor for work in each of the technology areas. In addition, BL&A developed strategies and methods for enhancing the stature of the Division among other government labs and industry in the three product areas. These included preparation for and conduct of two technical exchange workshops among technologists, developers, and program managers involved in naval gun ammunition and propulsion technologies.

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